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Posted on September 10th, 2016 to Barefoot Training

This past weekend, both Brendan and I attended the Barefoot Training Summit in NYC. It was a fascinating experience being surrounded by so many like-minded people. 

One thing was apparent, there is a rapidly growing market of barefoot enthusiasts and coaches. We wanted to share some of our top takeaways with you from the summit below.  



-Barefoot is polarizing – barefoot smells/not clean – silver treated. No smell no bacteria. 

-Barefoot is weird- awesome colors and stylish design. Recommended and used by top strength coaches

-What if I drop a weight on my foot?


Michol Dalcourt (1st presenter)

-Allows toe splay

-Biology requires stability AND mobility. Rigid and mobile

-Not based on newtons three laws

-“Architecture of life”- Read
-Idea of being mobile and stable at the same time

-What makes a wing strong is it flexibility- Check : Boeing wing test

-Our feet are designed to be mobile to be stronger

-1/4 of all bones in body are from fibula/tibula down

-66 foot joints – 33 each side
-Dont move as much
-Subtle motion is completely significant

-Every single muscle that we have in synergistic

-Skier = work on hip mobility in all three planes. Cant do anything for the feet but need to do a ton for the hip

-Big toe is biggest toe because all your body weight wants to go in (pronation). You have to pronate but you have to decelerate it, corral it and accelerate out of it.

-Pronation distortion syndrome

-Organize behavior of soft tissue to be healthy

-Suggesting it is better to run and land off the mid foot

-Association between feet and shoes and feet and the environment

-6 criteria of a shoe 

– A high heel shoe will tighten up anterior ankle living extension in gate living priformis to work. Tight posterior hip on opposite side. 

– Minimal cushion – neurological I want to feel the ground. Transfer of energy. Ground reaction force. Kinetic pulse. Train feet to be a shock absorption shoe.

-Use shoe for a purposeful outcome

-Adequate forefoot space. Allow toe splay. 

-Minimal stiffness. Torsion. Great for metatarsal joints.

-Prepare bodies adequately well to deal with wearing different shoes (high heel, sandals, dress shoes)


Emily Splichal

 -Foot to core integration. I love barefoot for rehab. I love it for performance. I love it for movement prep. 

-Ensure movement longevity 


-Foot is gateway to vibration and energy 

-Your energy and dynamic movement 

-Sensory threshold of receptors in feet goes up 

-Peak is age 40

-By the time you are 70 you need twice the stimuli to product same results 

-Small nerves are faster


-Teach people to get weight out of their feet. Facial system is anti gravity 


-Stiffer you are the quicker you get off the floor

-Work with runners – 1. look at stride length (stride length and contact time). Shorten stride lessen contact time = less likely to get injured 

-Usain Bolt – shortest contact time

-Insufficiently stiff when you get into shoes 

– deep 6, pelvic floor, facial web 

-Always looking at joint stability from local and global perspective

– Atrophy of intrinsic muscles of foot – orthotics and thick supportive shoes. How to transition out of shoes if they have been in for so long that they have bunions?

– Foot to core integration. Never look at the foot alone. Connected to the core. Neuromuscular integration through core. 

-Three purposes of feet. 1. single leg balance. 2 absorb shock (isometric contractions)  3. becomes a rigid lever (push off release energy/ lock foot). All used for walking. 

-Nervous system is designed to walk. 

– stronger your flexers the higher you jump and the faster you run. Need a force going down. Long flexors. 

– Naboso technology. Small nerve stimulators. Yoga mats and flooring system 

-Pre-Order in a week or so 

Stacy Lei Krauss- 3rd presenter 

-Foot Fitness 

 -Cognition, sensory, and emotion all filters through the brain

-Going to recall the lecture as “being cold” (temperature in the room). Emotional recall. 

-When we cue people 

-The visual mind does not process negatives 

– Creator of will power

– Teach full body exercise then get to the feet 



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