Pedestal is the Top Pick for Men’s Journal

Posted on April 20th, 2017 to Barefoot Training

Big Thanks to Men’s Journal & Max Plenke for choosing Pedestal as their favorite training footwear. 

Max goes into greater detail below as to why he loves his Pedestals so much:

Throughout a heavy, sweaty workout, I felt like I was centered and firmly planted on the floor, and I didn’t have any kind of slippage like I do with shoes or sweaty socks. Maybe most important, I never felt like I wasted power between my legs and the floor by wearing a thick, spongy sole. I could focus on how my body wanted to move through an exercise, instead of worrying about my feet sliding around the inside of a shoe or just sliding out from under me.



You can check out the article here:

Keep Crushing,

Brendan & Mike

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