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Posted on December 7th, 2016 to Barefoot Training

After about two years of testing and using Pedestals, we wanted to share our favorite movements and how we incorporate them into our training sessions.


My day always starts with some BJJ flow drills and Kettlebell work in my Pedestals. The flow drills are typically done on a Swiss ball and my Pedestals allow me to keep a killer grip on the rubber flooring while performing passing drills. 
Prior to crushing some Kettlebell routines, I will also go through some plyo work in the form of broad jumps, vertical leaps, and some single leg bounding. This gets my hips to fire which is a great way to transition into KB swings and other KB movement variations. 
I perform KB routines from multiple sources including Onnit’s strength coaches as well as the workout that Chris Hemsworth went through to prepare for his role as Thor.
 At this point it feels unnatural to workout in anything other than my Pedestals. I know for certain they have helped my feet and body become stronger all while allowing me to remain clean and sanitary.
It’s been more than two years since I’ve worn anything besides Pedestals to get a workout in. I’ve worn them at various gyms in Boston and when I am planning to hit a hotel gym while traveling.
Normally, I just toss my Pedestals in my gym bag and when I get to the gym I throw them on. In the colder months, I enjoy wearing them under my boots until its time to get after it. 
At this point, I’m comfortable doing any exercise in my Pedestals. Dynamic movements tend to really fire up my calves and ankles as they require me to use the smaller stabilizer muscles in my feet and ankles. Also, I enjoy doing 30-minutes of steady state cardio on the treadmill. I’ve progressed to a point where I can run as fast as I want and notice that I am not nearly as sore as I once was. 
I’m confident that Pedestals can handle all your training needs because I’ve done nearly everything you can do in them.
What are your favorite exercises? Feel free to share. 
With Love,

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