Post Labor Day Flow Session

Posted on September 5th, 2017 to Barefoot Training

We hope you all had a killer Labor Day Weekend!

Dana said it best with a recent post; “Lifting strengthens my yoga. Yoga mobilizes my lifts.”

So in the interest of staying strong and mobile, we wanted to share her most recent #MinuteMoFlow with you all.


Here’s your #MinuteMoFlow for Labor Day Weekend. Sorry I’ve skipped the past couple weeks due to travel but I’ll try to keep them coming when I can. If you’ve missed past “MoFlow” posts, that’s what I call a minute-long (or less) mobility sequence that takes you through all planes of motion and hits primary areas needed for most lifts, sports and daily-life activities. ### Specific Instruction Details/Tips: Depending on hip mobility, you may or may not be able to lean forward in crossed-legged seated position. Just do the best you can—but don’t push yourself into knee pain! The jump back from seated to push-up position also might not be accessible to everyone; if not, simply unwind and step back into a plank and lower down to the mat. The side plank with the halfway step up is a move intended to focus on hip mobility. Try to keep the hips stacked and press through the heel of your top leg to push your hips straight up without rotating forward. ### Remember, I’d love to see you practicing these flows. So post your videos and tag me @MobilityMaker with the hashtag #MinuteMoFlow so I can check you out getting your mo flowing. #moflow #minutemobility #mobilityminute #mobilitymatters #mobilitymaker #mobilityflow #multiplanarmovement #movemore #movebetter #mobilitywarmup #minutemoflow16 #garagegym #garagegymlife #garagegymathlete #mobilitycoach @pedestalfootwear @mandukayoga

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Enjoy & Keep Crushing!

Ditch Your Shoes,

The Pedestal Guys

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