Pedestal Footwear


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If you are interested in Pedestals that are not available, please CONTACT US or check out our new 2.5 version HERE.

 Size    Men's  Women's
 XS  4-7  4-8.5
 SM-MD  7.5-11  9-11.5
 LG-XL  11.5-13  12-14

Abrasion resistant material in the toe and heel (impact zones).

Upgraded Silver LINING to kill all bacteria and odor forever. 

Patented Triangular Grip design for enhanced traction in all three movement planes.

Lightweight Material for improved athletic feel and faster drying time.

Available in five different colorways - Black, Red, White, Eggshell Blue, & Pink 


"When it comes to from the ground up speed and power any barrier between the foot and the ground can and will slow proximal core stabilization. Pedestal Footwear is a smart alternative to minimal footwear as it allows increased sensory input and total foot mobility. For those seeking a more effective way to tap into foot to core sequencing during powerlifting, kettlebells or really any dynamic movement must try Pedestal Footwear."

Dr. Emily Splichal, DPM, MS, CES

CEO/Founder, Evidence Based Fitness Academy (EBFA)

Leaders in Barefoot Education