Pedestal Footwear


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 Size    Men's  Women's
 XS  4-7  4-8.5
 SM-MD  7.5-11  9-11.5
 LG-XL  11.5-13  12-14


Polypropylene Thread - Wicks moisture and improves breathability. 

X-STATIC Silver - Most resilient strand of antimicrobial silver. Eliminates odor and bacteria for life of product.

Upgraded PEDTEX w/ Kevlar - Enhanced durability with Kevlar weave and form fitting toe box. 

Patented Triangular Grip - design for enhanced traction in all three movement planes.

Available in two different colorways - Black & Red.


"When it comes to from the ground up speed and power any barrier between the foot and the ground can and will slow proximal core stabilization. Pedestal Footwear is a smart alternative to minimal footwear as it allows increased sensory input and total foot mobility. For those seeking a more effective way to tap into foot to core sequencing during powerlifting, kettlebells or really any dynamic movement must try Pedestal Footwear."

Dr. Emily Splichal, DPM, MS, CES

CEO/Founder, Evidence Based Fitness Academy (EBFA)

Leaders in Barefoot Education