The 5.0

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5.0 - High-Performance Grip Socks

Our 5.0s were made to offer excellent stability and traction whether you are working out at the gym or attending a yoga class. The patented non-slip design provides next-level grip on all surfaces including hardwood, gym flooring, cement, carpet, and more. The thick construction ensures that it stands up to surfaces like turf. Moisture-wicking fabric is breathable yet snug. You stay dry and comfortable through every workout. Not to mention our silver-treated lining kills odor and bacteria on contact.

Instead of lugging around heavy running shoes, fold these up and slip them into your bag or even your back pocket! The silver anti-microbial coating ensures that they are ready when you are.

Proper Barefoot Training

Barefoot training involves working out without the added barriers of traditional running shoes, allowing you to build stronger feet and more stable ankles. You get more benefit out of each workout and feel less pain and fatigue. Learn more about barefoot training. The 5.0 comes in three sizes for an ideal fit. Machine washable, with a silver lining that last up to 200 washes. Reinforced toes and heels ensure that this training sock will stay in shape to remain your go-to for all your workouts. Our patented design incorporates durable toe and heel construction that ensure your socks stand up to tough surfaces. Anti-microbial silver lining eliminates odors and bacteria for longer wear. Just toss them in your gym bag after each workout.

Key Takeaways

    • Durable toe box and heel that holds up to tough surfaces

    • Patented non-slip hex-grip design

    • Anti-microbial silver lining

    • Moisture-wicking

    • Breathable

    • Athletic fit

    • Proudly made in the USA