Back on his Feet | Rick Weber’s Incredible Journey | Battling A Rare Heart Condition, Misdiagnosis, and Several Surgeries.

Posted on September 2nd, 2020

Our friends Karl and Steve of Integrated Health Sciences had us on their webcast a few weeks back. While we were on there, we learned that a client of theirs continues to use his Pedestals on his journey to walking again.

His name is Rick Weber and he is 1 of only 4 people in Manhattan with a rare condition known as cardiac amyloidosis also known as “stiff heart syndrome”. After a series of misdiagnosis and surgeries, Rick is back on his feet and crushing it. 

Rick’s story has been featured in many articles including Daily Mail, New York Daily News, and News Break

Nothing fulfills us more than hearing stories of how Pedestals play a small role in helping people move and feel better, so we asked them to put together an interview with Rick. 

Below is a quick segment on how his Pedestals have helped him:

Rick teaches us to believe in your body, trust your intuition, and just keep moving.

For the full interview you can check out the video below:

Keep moving and #ditchyourshoes!

Much love,


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