The Pumpkin Smash Workout

Posted on September 29th, 2021 to Workout Wednesday

Good Morning Folks!

It’s pumpkin season and that means it’s time to resurface the BJ Gaddour Pumpkin Smash Workout.

You can check out the full workout with movement demos HERE!

BJ Gaddour PUMPkin Smash Workout

50/10 = 50 seconds on and 10 seconds of rest

25/10 = 25 seconds on each side and 10 seconds of rest

The goal should be to get at least 3 rounds in

Feel free to crush more if you’re up for it

A1) Pullover – 50/10

A2) Golf Swings – 50/10

A3) Sumo Deadlift Jumps – 50/10

A4) Uneven Mountain Climbers – 25/10

A5) Lateral Lunges – 25/10

A6) Side Plank Headlock – 25/10

A7) Rotational Thrusters – 50/10

A8) Diagonal Chops – 25/10

We hope you enjoy!

Keep crushing and always DITCH YOUR SHOES!

Much Love,


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