What are the differences?

Treads vs 5.0's


  1. Sole vs No Sole
  2. Weight
  3. Indoor vs Outdoor (Waterproof)
  4. Grip Design

On the hunt for the perfect pair of grip socks to power your workout? Look no further than the latest offering from Pedestal: our all-new Treads. These waterproof socks bring your shoe-free workout to the great outdoors, where you can protect your feet while training on everything from turf to cement. There’s a lot to love about the Treads, but before you add to your grip sock collection, it’s important to understand all that sets these outdoor training socks apart. To help, we’ve compiled a Treads vs Pedestal 5.0 guide, highlighting the main features worth considering as you choose your preferred grip sock design.

Difference 1

Treads Have Soles

The Treads function wonderfully as outdoor training socks because they’re equipped with rubber soles. Treads keep you stable on many different types of surfaces but are also far lighter than sneakers. If you spend a lot of time training outside, these are the grip socks for you. They can also work nicely as you make the transition between training shoes and socks.

Difference 2

5.0's Are Lighter

The removal of the grip socks’ sole may limit their outside functionality, but it also allows for a lighter design that many people will find enticing. The no-sole versions of the Pedestal socks (including 4.0, 5.0, and Minimal collection) all weigh approximately 0.25 pounds, so you’ll barely notice when you’re wearing them. At one pound, the Treads are heavier — but they still bring you far closer to barefoot training than your typical outdoor footwear.

Difference 3

Treads Are Waterproof

When we designed the Treads for outdoor use, it became clear they would have to be waterproof. Our waterproof socks can be used for a variety of activities in the great outdoors. While all models of our grip socks are insanely durable, Treads are built for wear and tear, as you’ll certainly require more protection than our standard grip socks.

Man wearing Treads water-proof grip socks standing in water

Difference 4

5.0's Utilize A Hex-Grip Design

Adding a sole isn’t prudent for every person or every situation. The 5.0’s don’t sport the sole that our outdoor Treads do. Instead, the 5.0’s rely on non-slip hex-grip designs to keep you feeling stable and confident as you train inside. Don’t worry about durability, these gri[ socks can still hold up to tough indoor surfaces, as they are reinforced at the toe and heel.

Crush Any Workout

With Pedestal Grip Socks

As you hunt for grip socks to level up your training session, think carefully about where you’ll use them — and for which activities. Browse our many Pedestal collections, and you’ll quickly find that we offer something for everyone.

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