Try These Two Walk-Out Exercises For Added Strength And Stability

Posted on September 28th, 2020


As mentioned in an earlier post, many people struggle with hamstring muscle activation. In fact, you could deadlift three times your bodyweight and still not have adequate hamstring activation. This is because many people only focus on the concentric phase of the deadlift (pulling off the ground) and not the eccentric phase (lowering the weight to the ground). Most people are just concerned with getting the weight off the floor and locking it out, not returning it slowly to the ground.

Furthermore, many knee issues are a result of overtrained quads and undertrained hamstrings. Try these hamstring walk-outs below to keep the hamstrings, glutes, and core strong and healthy. 

Hamstring Walk-Outs:

Below is another walk-out variation for the upper body that activated the core and stabilizes the spine. As you move through the exercise, the changing base of support from hand to hand provided an added challenge. 

Kneeling Push-Up Walkout:



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