Two Drills to Improve Deceleration and Change of Direction

Posted on November 11th, 2020

Deceleration training is important for all athletes as most sports don’t just require that you run in a straight line. There are many ways to train deceleration, but a great training cue is thinking about getting your big toe planted hard into the ground. 

In order to change direction quickly, you need to be able to slow down fast as well and your big toe is the steering wheel for the rest of your body. In other words, the faster you can get your big toe planted and pointed in the desired direction the faster you will be. 

Below are two unique band exercises that will strengthen your big toe plant and get you changing directions faster. These are also great as a way to feel your big toe working and will have some carryover to your agility exercises. 

Single Leg Band Row Hold w March


Single Leg Band Row


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