Vibram Five Fingers Review

A Side by Side Comparison

Vibram Five Fingers shoes are often the first barefoot running option that people learn about. But, at this point, they are far from the only player on the field. If you are looking for barefoot foot protection, which brand should you choose? In this Pedestal vs Vibram Five Fingers review, we’ll see how these two options compare.

For an honest comparison, we broke each product down by these characteristics:


Depending on the size you choose, Vibram’s Five Fingers weigh in at around 13 ounces. Pedestal Grip socks weigh in at 2.4 ounces. If you’re looking to go barefoot hiking, exercise, or otherwise need to ditch weight where possible, Pedestal has the upper-hand.


Everything added to your workout bag or your hiking backpack makes a difference. Vibram’s take up as much room as any other pair of shoes, which can detract from the convenience of a barefoot lifestyle. Pedestal socks are compact, foldable, and take up barely any room in your bags. Pedestal Footwear wins round two!


The sizing on Vibram’s can be fiddly. The between-the-toes shape requires a very particular fit. This makes shopping for them online difficult as you can’t try them on for comfort, feel or sizing. Because grip socks are elastic and conform to your feet, getting sizing right is far easier. This product comes in three sizes and only one style, which means a better chance of getting a pair that fits. Advantage, Pedestal.


On Vibram’s website, they recommend soaking your shoes in a bucket of water with a denture-cleaning tablet. After that, they recommend machine washing followed by an air dry.

Let’s talk Pedestal now. Grip socks can be thrown right in the washing machine like any other pair of socks. You can either air or machine dry at your option. Additionally, Pedestal’s grip socks can go a while between washes. The socks are silver-treated to kill germs and eliminate odors.


Vibram has manufacturing facilities in China, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Italy, and the U.S. Because of this, it can be hard to track where your product was made and the working condition of the makers. Pedestal grip socks are 100% made in the USA. In fact, the rubber grip soles come from the only existing rubber factory in the U.S.


Vibram Five Fingers have a sole that is thinner than most athletic shoes’, but still thicker than true barefoot socks. Whether this is a pro or con depends on your preference. If you prefer foot protection that still gives you a true barefoot sensation, the thinner nature of Pedestal’s grip socks may be a better bet.


Vibram’s have a long “break-in” time, so it takes a while before they truly feel comfortable. Pedestal socks wear comfortably from the first day to the last. This means no aching feet, no risk of blisters or abrasions.


No contest here. Vibram’s cost around $90 a pair. Pedestal socks are about a third the price, and even less if you purchase multiple pairs.

The Winner

For barefoot enthusiasts, Pedestal socks come out on top in nearly every respect. Pick up a pair today to begin a healthy and comfortable barefoot routine. Shop now.

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