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Posted on August 15th, 2016 to Barefoot Training

We often get asked “What business are you in?”. There are multiple avenues with which we could answer. One could say we are in the “performance apparel space”, you could say we are an “e-commerce sock company”, or you might even say we are in “retail”. 

Our problem with those definitions is that it doesn’t get to the very core of our business of enlightening and educating people on the benefits of using Pedestals when training. If we provide a product that helps someone live a healthier and better life, you could say we are a healthcare company right?

According to google definitions:

My personal opinion is that the word “healthcare” gets thrown around a lot, but what is the difference between a surgeon and a strength coach? Both have certifications to provide services, both have years of hands on experience, and both care for their clients health and well-being. One differentiating factor is that a surgeon (depending on type) more often than not deals with people who are seeking “sickcare”. 

Sickcare companies are organizations, devices and services that help individuals after experiencing something that prevent them from living their best life. Such as the surgeon mentioned above, hospitals/clinics, and medical device companies.

We are lucky that we have options for both sickcare and healthcare, with the goal being that you utilize and learn things to maintain your health so you don’t spend much time in the sickcare avenues. In other words, your sickcare provider should not want to see you for a long period of time while your healthcare provider helps foster an ongoing relationship.

One of my favorite examples is an individual that says they have been seeing their same therapist (physical, psycho) for “years” now. If a certain problem persists, the client is best served by getting an alternative opinion or being “referred out” to someone else. 

At Pedestal, we have received much interest from companies who are seeking our products as part of their benefits package (yes, these companies must be awesome to work for). While we also provide a tangible product for people to use, we also provide ongoing programming to help guide them through exercises to strengthen their whole body from the ground up. Eventually we will change the whole footwear arena and get people back to their most pure and natural state. This is a state where you are most powerful as well. 

Like the top strength coaches who use our products and recommend them, we too are a healthcare provider.

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