What the HICT? (High-Intensity Continuous Training)

Posted on August 4th, 2021 to Education

The Core:

People often perform cardio conditioning at a steady pace on a treadmill, but if you are an athlete training for a sport you should try a much more effective method: High Intensity Continuous Training.



In sports, there is never a time when we are running at a continuous pace for a prolonged period of time (besides marathon or long distance running of course). Most athletic endeavors require short bursts of high energy followed by a period of low energy output. A good example of this would be a running back in football getting the ball and running hard for a short period of time. This maximum effort is followed by a slowed walk back to the huddle to get the next play (cooling down/low intensity).

While training for athletics doesn’t require long distance running, it does call for a high level of aerobic conditioning. Using the HICT method will keep you running just as hard in the 4th quarter as you were in the 1st.

Furthermore, HICT training doesn’t require a treadmill or running at all and therefore is much easier on your joints. High-Intensity Continuous Training is exactly as the name suggests. You pick a movement and do it continuously for 8-15 minutes.


For exercise selection, stick to a variation of one of the following; squat, hinge, lower body push, and lower body pull (listed some below). If you are unsure of what exercise to choose, start with the step-up as it is the most common movement for HICT training.

You can start with just your bodyweight and add resistance to the movement as you get more familiar. Suggested amount of weight would be no more than 10% of your bodyweight. Here is everything you need to get going below.

1.) Exercise selection – step-up, push-up, goblet squat, kettlebell swing, inverted row, ring-row, kneel to stand.

2.) Bodyweight or adding resistance? 10% of bodyweight if adding weight. If you weigh 200 pounds and are doing step ups, use a 10 pound weight in each hand.

3.) Set clock for 8-15 minutes and begin.

4.) Go at a pace you can maintain throughout the whole duration. You should be able to have a conversation with someone throughout.

Check out the video below for two of my favorite movements for HICT style conditioning.

1. Front Foot Elevated Reverse Lunge

2. Kneel to Stand

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