Workout Wednesday #12

Posted on July 1st, 2020 to Workout Wednesday

Good Morning Pedestal Community!

We are back with Workout Wednesday #12 and like all of the workouts we’ve provided, this is going to fire you up.

Every movement you perform will have a 6 count on the eccentric and a 6 count on the concentric. The point is to increase the time under tension and create some substantial blood flow. 

The workout can be done with just your bodyweight, or if you’re feeling frisky, throw in some DB’s or KB’s!

The Workout:

A1) Split Squats X 4-6 Reps Per Side

A2) Single Leg RDL X 4-6 Reps Per Side

A3) Any type of Row or Pull-up variation X 4-6 Reps

A4) Push-up variation X 4-6 Reps

A5) Step-ups X 4-6 Reps Per Side

A6) Plank variation X Hold for 30 to 60 seconds

Perform 4 to 6 rounds and finish strong knowing that you’re going to crush beers, burgers, and dogs this July 4th Weekend.

Thank you for always ditching your shoes and keep crushing!

Much Love,



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