Workout Wednesday #20

Posted on August 25th, 2020 to Workout Wednesday

Good Morning Pedestal Community!

For our 20th Workout Wednesday we picked 5 bodyweight movements. Each exercise will be done for 20 reps or 20 seconds for 4 rounds total.

Make sure each rep is as perfect as possible. No need to rush through the movements that are timed. Quality over quantity, ALWAYS!

The 20’s Workout X 4 Rounds

A1) Walking Lunges X 20 reps

A2) Bear Crawls – slow tempo/very controlled X 20 seconds forward and 20 seconds in backwards

A3) BW Get-Ups X 20 seconds per side

A4) Jumping Jacks X 20 seconds & Split Jacks X 20 seconds

A5) Side Planks X 20 seconds per side

Thank you for reading & always #ditchyourshoes

Much love,


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