Workout Wednesday #24

Posted on September 23rd, 2020 to Workout Wednesday

Good Morning Pedestal Community!

Nothing brings me more joy than to share some killer workouts.

Below is our 24th Workout Wednesday and it is a doozy!

We hope you enjoy!

Single Kettlebell/Dumbbell Workout

A1) Clean to Revers Lunge to Press – 6 to 8 reps per side

A2) Single Arm RDL to Row – 6 to 8 reps per side

A3) Staggered Stance Swings – 6 to 8 reps per side

A4) Goblet Squat to Good Morning (KB/DB stays in the same position) – 6 to 8 reps

A5) Halo to Press – 12 to 16 reps total (alternate directions each rep for the Halo)

Thank you for checking us out and keep crushing!

Much love,



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