Workout Wednesday #32

Posted on November 18th, 2020 to Workout Wednesday

Good Morning Pedestal Community!

We are back with another killer Workout Wednesday.

This one is inspired by a hotel workout I just did. The only equipment in a hotel gym I recently stayed in was med balls and swiss balls so I went to town with the med balls.

Because I was working with a 20lb med ball I decided to do much higher reps. 

Check out the workout below and enjoy!

Med Ball Hotel/Travel Workout

Always crush a proper warm-up

Perform at least 3 Rounds

A1) Med Ball Hug Squat x 20 Reps

A2) Med Ball Swing to Overhead x 20 Reps

A3) Med Ball Rotational Swing – alternating sides x 20 Reps

A4) Med Ball Slams x 20 Reps

A5) Med Ball Lateral Lunge w/ Floor Taps – alternating sides x 20 Reps

A6) Med Ball Wall Taps – from a half squat or split stance position x 20 Reps

Keep crushing and always #ditchyourshoes

Much love,


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