Workout Wednesday #6

Posted on May 20th, 2020 to Workout Wednesday

Achieve Fitness is back for a second week in a row with another Equipment Free Total Body Workout!

This workout consists of 5 movements and should take between 20-30 minutes depending on your rest periods. 

Everything you need to know is in the post below so get after it and have fun with the process!


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TOTAL BODY AT-HOME WORKOUT! What’s up, Achievers?! @jasonlpak and @laurenpak22 here and we’ve got another total body workout for ya! This one will take 20 minutes – perform 4 rounds of 40 seconds on (or as much or as little work as you want) and 20 seconds off of: 1️⃣ Pop Out to Lunge: this is a bit of a mind-game but do your best to drive your opposite arm and leg forward during each drop lunge. 2️⃣ Feet Elevated Pike Pushup: definitely feel free to do these on the floor rather than feet elevated. 3️⃣ Single Leg Hip Lift: keep that knee tucked in really tight and then squeeze the working side leg’s glute hard at the top! 4️⃣ Cross-Body Mountain Climber: a fun little oblique version of the classic mountain climber movement. We like to hover the foot off the floor at the top of each rep to minimize impact. 5️⃣ Sprinter Sit-Ups: this is basically a single leg tuck-up. Do your best to stay hollow as you reset from each rep. That’s it! you’ll notice that these exercises alternate from being more conditioning oriented to more strength oriented. We typically don’t pair the two together too often, but with home workouts, the rules kind of go out the windows because logistics dictate everything! We hope this post helped you out! Until next time, sweat out; happiness in! . . . #achievefitnessboston #somervillema #workout #workouts #homeworkout

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Keep crushing and always #ditchyourshoes

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