Workout Wednesday #1

Posted on April 15th, 2020 to Workout Wednesday

Good Morning Pedestal Community,

This is the first of many Workout Wednesday training sessions. 

Going forward we will be highlighting a mobility routine, a strength/power movement, and some conditioning, all of which can be done with little to no equipment. 

Check out the below and have some fun!

Mobility Maker

Half-Kneeling Lateral Lean

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Anyone feeling tension building in their hip flexors these days?❓ Maybe it’s from all the extra time sitting on the couch?????‍♀️ Or, better yet, maybe it’s from all the extra time biking, running and/or lifting????? . Try this Half Kneeling Lateral Lean Stretch I’m demoing in my Zoom session with the @tblightning this morning. For obvious reasons (think of the skating stride), @nhl players benefit from exercises that address hip flexors.???? . A few key points: ✅Notice that I’m not leaning forward (a common mistake when attempting to stretch hip flexors from a kneeling lunge that arches the low back) but rather remaining upright with an emphasis on a posterior pelvic tilt that better engages the glute and releases the hip flexor. ✅Focus on exhales that help activate the obliques and internally rotate the lower ribs on the side you’re bending toward, which will, consequently, create more space and lengthening on the opposite side. ✅You can’t see it in the video, but my back foot’s toes are curled forward (dorsi flexion), positionally supporting better glute activation to reciprocally inhibit the hip flexor. ✅Clearly, my roots are growing in quite aggressively. ????#quarantinehairdontcare . . . #hipflexorstretch #hipflexorrelease #hockeymobility #yogaforhockey #zoomyoga #yogaforhockeyplayers #nhlyoga #yogaforathletes #yogacoach #lightningyoga #morethanyoga #hockeymobility #athletemobility #mobilitycoach #tampabaylightning

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Strength/Power Movement

Single Leg RDL to Snatch



Skater Jumps

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????⚽️Attention Athletes! ????⚾️ #DitchYourShoes . A huge part of most sports is being able to decelerate and accelerate both quickly and efficiently. The faster you can do so, the more agile and responsive your movements will be. However, not all cuts and changes of direction will come without some external force increasing your momentum. Being able to take the contact, plant, and still explode into the other direction is crucial when playing any contact sport. . In this video, I take one of my favorite plyometric exercises (Lateral Skater Jump) and increase the difficulty a bit by pressing the medicine ball in the direction of my movement. This increases my momentum slightly, thus making the landing and therefore takeoff a bit more challenging. The goal here is to stick a clean landing and rapidly explode in the opposite direction. Pressing the medicine ball simulates some light contact, but as an progression you can have a partner push you in the direction of your jump. Either way, we’re looking to increase the momentum of the jump, while loading a unilateral leg/hip in dynamic movement. . #sports #strengthtraining #strength #plyometrics #athlete #athletictraining #sportsspecific #training #jumping #injuryprevention #explosivetraining #strengthandconditioning @pedestalfootwear @dynamaxusa #striveforgreatness #repost @forgetjordan

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Thank you for reading and #ditchyourshoes

Much Love,


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