You spoke, we listened- Our 2.0’s are almost here!

Posted on August 24th, 2016 to Barefoot Training

As we approach our first year anniversary, we wanted to share some exciting news. After receiving some great feedback from our customers, we started sketching and designing a new and improved product. 

We are really excited for what is to come here at Pedestal in a few short months. Our first goal is to improve the functionality of the product and the customer experience associated with it.

Here is a list of all of the additions included in the next versions (2.0) vs. the first (1.0):

1. Silver thread/lining (2.0) vs. Silver treatment (1.0) – New silver lining will never wash out or fade, keeping the product bacteria and odor free for life.

2. Smaller/more concentrated grips (2.0) vs. Large grips (1.0) – New concentrated triangular grips allow for better traction in lateral movements and durability on multiple surfaces. 

3. Finer thread count (2.0) vs. Heavier thread (1.0) – New versions will be more lightweight and breathable. This means more athletic and faster drying time. 

4. Mesh bag – Easy way to keep your Pedestals together in your bag or in the wash (although you do not really have to wash them given the silver lining). 

5. Clear packaging – Same branded packaging but allows customer to see the product before opening.  

6. Multiple colors- Available in 5 color patterns- black/gray, black/white, hot pink/black, eggshell blue/black, red/black)

7. Athletic/sporty logo- More wearable and athletic look. More branded apparel to come soon (t-shirts, shorts, hats, etc.)

8. Available in two styles- Low and Hybrid (6 inch)

Here are a few first look photos of the hybrid style in eggshell blue/black…



We look forward to having our new versions available for pre-order in the next few weeks. 

Thank you again for your feedback and support. We look forward to an awesome second year in business!

With Love,




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