Socks With Sole

The perfect solution for turf, gravel, cement
and going from locker room to training session.


Lightweight Champions

Every Ounce Counts.

Everything you’re looking for in a traditional training sneaker — at a third of the weight and a quarter of the price. Check out our newest waterproof product, Treads.

Ditch Your Shoes

Use Pedestals For:

Pedestals improve the quality of your deadlifts & powerlifts by allowing you to naturally engage more tendons & muscle groups throughout your legs. Learn more.

Wearing Pedestals for CrossFit training gives you a step-up thanks to our super-grippy hex pattern that sits right underneath your feet. Learn more.

Our patented hex-grip technology offers supreme traction on gym & studio floors, while a built-in silver treatment lining kills odors and bacteria. Learn more.

Pedestals are barefoot training socks that allow you to take any workout or training activity to the next level by engaging the entirety of your legs & feet. Learn more.

Previously, I had bad foot mechanics, constant foot pain, heels slipping out of shoes, and an inability to grip the floor during lifts... Everything is different now with my Pedestals! They are comfortable, functional, and they are exactly as advertised.

Christine F.

Keeping the carpet clean was important as we do a lot of floor work. They are form fitting, have great grip, and my clients comment on how much they love them and look forward to putting them on. Ah-mazing!

Emily B.

Pedestals are the best footwear for most training, the brevity of them and wide toe box is key. I love your company and products, so I will be using and recommending them liberally. THANK YOU!


I have hip pain, I often felt unstable in sneakers, and I had trouble finding pairs that fit my feet. I loved the freedom of movement pretty much immediately and now I am in complete control of my foot/ankle positioning...

Marjorie H.

I do intense strength and conditioning training 3-4 times a week and have been able to make tremendous improvements because my feet are no longer inhibiting me.

Christine F.

I no longer have to give my footwear any thought at all as I go from my mobility work, to my lifting, and PT.

Emily B.

Socks With Sole.

Introducing: Pedestal’s Tread Collection — the perfect solution for training on turf, gravel, cement, and going from locker room to training session, without sacrificing posture or performance.

Our Mission

Awaken Athletes to Their Feet

We are on a mission to help people move and feel better from the ground up. 100% committed to making great products right here in the USA.

Proud To Be American

Made in the USA

After nearly two years of searching and sourcing a manufacturer in USA that is capable of meeting our needs, we’ve found our production facility’s official home in North Carolina.

Improve Your Workout

Without Sacrificing Posture

The feet are extremely important for optimal performance yet are the most neglected part of the training regimen. Pedestals are here to change that.

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