You Should Deadlift Without Shoes - Here's Why...

Deadlifting barefoot has several benefits that can help improve your lifting technique and overall strength.

First, going barefoot allows you to feel the ground more directly, providing greater stability and control. This can be particularly helpful when deadlifting, as it can help you maintain a stable base and keep your balance throughout the lift.

Second, deadlifting barefoot can help you activate the muscles in your feet and lower legs more effectively. This is because when you're wearing shoes, the soles of your feet are cushioned and separated from the ground. This can make it more difficult to engage your foot and ankle muscles, which can be important for maintaining proper form and technique when deadlifting.

Third, deadlifting barefoot can also help improve your proprioception, or your body's ability to sense its position in space. By being in direct contact with the floor, you'll be able to sense your body's position more precisely, which can help you maintain proper form and technique.

Finally, deadlifting barefoot puts you as close to the ground as possible so when you pick the weight up the bar doesn't have to travel as far. Also, the added cushion of a sneaker can make balance and stability a challenge as your foot moves around in the sneaker instead of staying planted on the ground when barefoot. 

Overall, deadlifting barefoot is a great way to improve your lifting technique, strength, and overall fitness. 

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