Single Leg Stability Ball Exercises

Single Leg Stability Ball Exercises
Who would have ever thought you can do stability exercises with a stability ball? Duh!

With a quick search for "single leg stability exercises", you will land on a whole host of movements that are impressive and challenging. That being said, you want to make sure you can actually FEEL and FOCUS on the muscles that are supposed to be working. In this case, the whole lower body from the feet to the hip.

Here are two exercises that will put you in a good position to feel the movement and challenge your stability.

Exercise #1 - Hinge & Squat

Here you are combining a push and pull movement to really blast the lower body, while also working your balance and strength from the ground up.

Exercise #2 - Single Leg Rotations.

If nothing else, this feels great and really opens up the t-spine. That being said, it also works the hamstring and glute to keep you in a stable position throughout the full range of motion.

Check the video out below to learn more.

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