EMOM 30 with Jason Brown

EMOM 30 with Jason Brown
Good Morning Folks!

My friend and the best training partner of all-time Jason Brown, is an established S&C Coach and someone I always listen to for training advice.

He consistently posts awesome advice and killer workouts. Below is a an awesome EMOM session with a focus on aerobic capacity which is the foundation of any training program.

EMOM 30 with Jason Brown:

Minute 1

30s Jump Rope

Minute 2

30s Mountain Climbers

Minute 3

30s Air Squat Jumps

Minute 4

30s Backwards Sled Pull (or something similar)

Minute 5

30s Easy Row, Bike, Jog, or Run in place

Thank you for checking it out and always DITCH YOUR SHOES!

Much Love,

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