"What if you drop a weight on your foot?"

This week we wanted to dedicate the blog post to the most common objection we receive when talking about our product and mission. This objection is "What if I drop a weight on my foot?"

When people say this to me, I sort of light up with energy and passion as I know I am about to hit them with some serious knowledge. My simple reply is "what if I dropped a weight on your shoes right now? Would it really make much of a difference?". They always look back at me and say "well...I guess you have a point". 

Due to the fact that we are the first company dedicated to the gym space, we understood that there would be many people who would have to be educated around our functional concept. Not only are there individuals that require educating, but also health clubs and gyms. How can it be 2015 and gyms still require their members to wear closed-toed shoes? That is much like saying you can only wear a certain brand to run on the treadmill. This rule is beyond outdated, its moronic.

Between Brendan and myself we have a combined 23 years experience working out and training in athletic performance facilities and gyms. Over that time, we can confidently say that we have never dropped weight on our feet and we do not anticipate it happening in the near future. 

Next time someone says something to you, you can confidently say "Oh thank you for your concern, however this is Pedestal Footwear. It's footwear for the gym". 

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