Dr. Joel Seedman is "Blown Away" by Pedestal

Dr. Joel has been called some interesting things lately because of some insight he shared regarding "ass to grass" squats and why often times they are unnecessary for athletic performance. To read more you can read Part 1 of his findings here: https://www.advancedhumanperformance.com/parallel-squats-versus-atg-squats-part-1/

In 2015 Dr. Joel was kind enough to help us prepare a training protocol specific to different types of foot conditions that we continue to share with our customers today. Below, Joel describes why he loves Pedestals over other minimalist footwear;

"As a researcher and advocate for barefoot/minimalist training, I was absolutely blown away by Pedestal Footwear’s products!!! Having tried nearly every barefoot design available on the market I am always a bit skeptical of any new line.  However, the products from Pedestal completely exceeded any and all expectations.  In fact this may be the first barefoot product that feels better than barefoot. 


Whether it’s intense strength training, Olympic lifting, plyometrics, agility work, and even sport specific training, Pedestal’s products can’t be beat as the footwear is masterfully designed.  The fit is snug in the mid-foot in order to keep your feet from slipping in them yet roomy in the toes to allow proper toe spread and splay.  It really is the perfect balance.  


The grippers on the sole are exactly what I need for my advanced athletes and lifters. You’ll be stunned at how incredibly secure your feet feel with no chance for slipping or sliding on any surface.  As an added bonus the footwear is near bulletproof able to withstand the demands of even the most intense training protocols.  


Needless to say I recommend these to all my athletes and clients and I once you try them you’ll be hooked.  Thank you Pedestal Footwear for making such an incredible and versatile barefoot product."

Thank you for reading and Keep Crushing!

Much love,

The Pedestal Guys

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