"I don't have any time to workout"

"I don't have any time to workout"

Back when I used to sell memberships at Equinox, I would occasionally here that objection and it became one of my biggest pet peeves. 

My response to that was usually something like "Not trying to be rude here, but you mean to tell me of the millions of people working out today, you are busier than every single one of them?"

Each and every day we budget time for the things that we believe are most important. If the person just told me "I don't believe that setting aside some time to workout is a priority of mine" than I would totally respect that answer. At the very least, we would have complete clarity and of course I would question why they are even spending the time to meet with me (since their time is so important and we are at a gym). 

Maybe I am unique in this regard, but one of the most inconveniently fun things for me is when the gym changes their hours or you just so happen to forget what time the gym closes. You throw your stuff in the locker, walk out to the gym, and then BOOM over the loud speaker you hear "attention members, the gym will be closing in 30 minutes". 

What would normally take me an hour, is suddenly condensed into a heart pounding, No BS, and action packed half hour. 

One franchise of gyms that does this really well is Fit Body Boot Camp and Pedestal has had the pleasure of working with a few locations throughout the country. Having never taken a class, I decided to stop in and barter off some Pedestals to see what the hype was all about. 

Here is the workout we did:

AMRAP Ladder in 5 minutes (Start with two reps of each and go up by 2 each round through):

-Jump Squats


-Russian Twist

-Hand Release Push Ups

Tabata Circuit:

4 stations - 2 exercises at each station that are performed 8 times continuously. One exercise is performed for 20 seconds immediately followed by another exercises performed with a 10 second hold.

A1 Around The World Abs - 20 seconds 

A2 Flutter Kicks - 10 seconds

B1 KB Swing - 20 Seconds - Quick demo below from Leon


B2 KB Squat Hold - 10 Seconds

C1 Single Arm Chest Press - 20 Seconds

C2 90 Degree Hold - 10 Seconds

D1 Suspension High Row - 20 Seconds

D2 Row Hold - 10 Seconds

Stretch and cool down

Class started at 4:45 and was finished at 5:15 on the dot. Thirty minutes and my whole body was feeling it. 

Quick and efficient. Feel free to share with that person in your life who complains about not having enough time to get a workout in.

Have fun!

Be well,




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