Priming & Thriving

We had the pleasure of visiting the newest City Fitness location in Philly and it was truly awesome. 

The space itself is a functional training heaven with a work space to meet, grab coffee, and more easily flow through your work day. The small group and personal training is handled by the amazing team at Thrive powered by MBSC.

Our friend Sean was kind enough to invite us down to workout and talk Pedestal with the 50+ Thrive Coaches in the City Fitness Philly locations. It was a nice feeling seeing several of the coaches rocking their Pedestals in the workshop.

To kick things off we had a Thrive workout in the morning comprised of four phases. The warm-up is known as "Prime" and consisted of rolling, breathing, stretching, and activation, all things we should focus on more.

The second part of "Prime" transitioned into mobility work and finished with ladders. It was around 20 minutes in total and I was lit up like a Christmas tree. I felt more supple, mentally clear, and stimulated. My mind and body were working in tandem and it felt really good. 

Below is what we did:

"Prime 1

Roll - Glutes, Hip Rotators, Low Back, Posterior Shoulder, Adductors, Quads 

Breathe - Supine w/ Post Tilt

Stretch - 90/90 ER/IR, Wall Quad

Activation - Band Leg Lowers, QRP Hip Extension, QRP T-Spine Rotation

Prime 2

Mobility - Ankle Mobs, Toe Touch Squat, SLDL

Ladders - Shuffle Wide w/ Stick, Cross Front/Behind, In-In-Out-Out, Scissors"

By the end of the workout I was sweaty with an elevated heart rate, but I finished with a ton of energy ready to take on the day. Challenging people in mind and body in a safe and effective way is what Thrive excels at. The sequence of warm-ups and movements in combination with the environment, truly makes for one of the most effective and insightful training experiences. We highly encourage you to check out City Fitness and Thrive if you are in the Philly area. 

More information about Sean/Thrive & City Fitness can be found in the links below:

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Thank you all for reading and Keep Crushing!

Much love,

The Pedestal Guys


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