Tight Calves? Try Kissing the Wall

Tight Calves? Try Kissing the Wall

Building strong calves will help stabilize your whole body and prevent injuries to the foot and ankle. As I am sure you know, the calves play an important role in every step you take. 

Ultimately, you want your calves to operate in full range of motion with every step. This helps your body propel forward efficiently and effectively. When your calves are tight, it shortens the range of motion and forces them to work harder resulting in calf strains or achilles tears.

Most of the footwear today puts your foot in a plantar flexed position, which puts constant stress on the calf. This is why women who wear heels during the day or for a night out will notice that their calves are much tighter after. 

There are plenty of calf stretches out there and since you put decent stress on your calves just walking around during the day, you can never stretch them enough. 

Try this Kill the wall drill as another exercises to add to your arsenal. 

Your goal is to move as far away from the wall as possible. Start close to the wall and slowly move your feet back after each successful rep. A successful rep means touching your lips to the wall, while keeping your heels cemented on the ground. Once you get to the farthest distance you can handle, repeat from that distance 3 times. 

See video below:



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