Sorinex Deadcember Videos & Acumobility X Tony Gentilcore

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We hope the Holidays have been awesome for you.

Some killer videos have been put together by Sorinex in collaboration with @MobilityMaker so we figured we would share them with you all.

Below are a few of the many videos that Sorinex and Dana have produced for your viewing and deadlifting pleasure:

Deadlift Warm-Up - Pedestal Pedal Out

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DOWNWARD DOG PEDAL OUT (Hit the bookmark to save this video.????) - ✖️With 18 days of deadlifts behind us, it’s understandable to be feeling some tension in the posterior chain. Our friend, pro sports mobility coach @mobilitymaker and @bertsorin, have a great way to warm up our posterior pre lift. This simple move helps warm up your whole body with an emphasis on your back, hamstrings and calves. - ✖️As you lift up into the position from hands and knees, actively push your weight back into your hips and legs. Slowly, push one heel downward, working toward a straight leg while the other remains bent alternating/“pedaling” your legs. - ✖️Keep the focus on your posterior chain. Worry less about completely straightening your leg and more on keeping your hips pushed back to limit the weight in your shoulders. - ✖️Do one or two sets of 8-10 reps, taking 3-5 breaths as you do the movement. - #sorinex #mobilitymaker #deadcember

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 Deadlift Warm-Up - Pedestal Breathing Bridge

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Breathing Bridge (Hit the bookmark to save this video.????) - ✖️According to our friend pro sports mobility coach @mobilitymaker , there’s nothing more important than a sound setup before deadlifting. If you approach the bar with poor posture or misalignment, you aren’t going to be able to pull as much weight, and, worse yet, you put yourself at risk for injury. - ✖️That’s why Dana advocates doing her “Breathing Bridge” exercise in every warm up ensure optimal posture (alignment of ribcage and pelvis). She also suggests supersetting it with your lift as a way to realign yourself and aid in energy system restoration. - ✖️From the foundation for a glute bridge, place your hands on your ribs. Exhale fully, then posteriorly tilt your pelvis to engage glutes and TVA (and inhibit low-back and hip flexor engagement) lifting your hips about 3-4 inches. Either hold that position or flow up and down (inhales down, exhales up), while taking 5 breaths focused on mobilizing your ribs. On exhales, actively use your core to move your lower ribs in, back and down (narrowing your infrasternal angle). - ✖️With inhales, you should feel your hands move out to the sides with the external rotation of your ribs. Focus on horizontal rib movement as opposed to vertical movement that over-recruits pecs, neck and upper traps. Fully exhale with each breath, emptying your lungs as much as possible—making your exhales longer than your inhales - @bertsorin #sorinex #mobilitymaker #deadcember

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Deadlift Recovery - The Bretzel 2.0 Pedestal Stretch


It just so happens that our amazing friends at Acumobility have teamed up with the dreamy Tony Gentilcore for a deadlift and squat seminar that is taking place at Titan Barbell in Stoneham, MA on January 26th. You can learn more and register at the link below.

This is a one of a kind training/learning experience so don't miss it!

Thank you for reading and #DITCHYOURSHOES

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