@MobilityMaker & More BURPEES!

I've been starting and ending the majority of my workouts with movements from @MobilityMaker and they have made a huge difference. Check out the core, postural and breathing exercise video below:


This exercise is a staple in my training sessions both personally and with clients from all sports. It might not look like much…but try it and you’ll recognize why we only do it in sets of 10; many clients start out modifying with a foam block between their knees in sets of 6-8.???? . They say necessity is the mother of invention. This movement evolved out of a yoga boat pose as I needed clients to better recognize their core beyond just “abs” and understand (and feel) the integration of abdominal muscles, diaphragm, pelvic floor, hips, ribcage and shoulder girdle. We call it “Roll-Into-A-Ball” core. Not sure that’s the best name, but one of my clients called it that years ago and it stuck. . This exercise’s effectiveness is like any other—it’s predicated on how well you maintain form.???? Follow the cues in the video, AVOIDING: ⚠️Head/neck flexing forward (it helps to pack your neck) ⚠️Knees coming apart (remember, you can modify with a foam block) ⚠️Shoulders lifting on inhales . I always immediately follow this move with adductor and hip flexor stretches, like the cobbler’s pose (aka butterfly) I do at the end of this video, or a half kneeling adductor stretch followed by a kneeling lunge quad/hip flexor stretch. . Give it a try and let me know your thoughts.???? . . #trainsmarter #movebetter #performbetter @pedestalfootwear @xdfitofficial @perform_better @skinssportswear

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This particular movement is perfect for before, during or after regardless of what you are doing. I worked it in throughout today's crush session which is listed out below:

@MobilityMaker Core, Postural & Breathing Exercise

5 Rounds of:

A1) 10 Burpess

A2) 20 Ring Rows

A3) 10 Jump Squats

@MobilityMaker Core, Postural & Breathing Exercise

5 Rounds of:

B1) 10 Burpees

B2) 20 Swings

B3) 10 Split Squat Jumps

@MobilityMaker Core, Postural & Breathing Exercise

I hope you enjoy!

Much Love,


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