10-Minute Lunge Workout with BJ Gaddour & Mike Lyon (Watch)

10-Minute Lunge Workout with BJ Gaddour & Mike Lyon (Watch)
BJ's version calls for 10 minutes, but feel free to start with less time and work your way up. For the purpose of greasing your joints as well as strengthening and mobilizing the feet and ankles, we suggest completing this twice a month.

Set the timer and get moving! Feel free to change up the speed as well. Below is my go at it!

Bulletproof Your Lower Half half

Any single-leg exercise will require greater core stability, balance, and overall foot/ankle strength than the bilateral version. Furthermore, you can correct any imbalances because we often have one dominant side that is stronger than the other.

Lunges are the swiss army knife of lower body exercises. There are endless variations that can be added to your program as part of the warm up, working sets, or burnout at the end.

For the purpose of building a strong foundation and bulletproofing your joints, we suggest the 10-minute lunge workout that we got from our friend BJ Gaddour. Doing this workout barefoot, will allow for a greater understanding of weight distribution as you should aim to have your weight in the middle of the foot.

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THE BENEFITS OF BAREFOOT LUNGING! Many of you already know that I believe you should be able to perform 10 minutes of pain-free, full range of motion walking lunges if you want to be able to safely run for the same period of time. Lunging builds the prerequisite strength, stability, and mobility to handle the repeated high-impact forces of running. But I'll take it a step further- you should be able to do that 10 minutes of lunging barefoot. Barefoot training strengthens and mobilizes your ankles and feet and improves muscle activation and joint positioning up the kinetic chain. You don't have to perform your whole workout barefoot, but at least incorporate some barefoot work into your warmups or with low-impact activities where it makes sense (crawling, deadlifting, squatting, etc.). I highly recommend the @pedestalfootwear barefoot training socks for this purpose. These anti-stink socks have the perfect blend of grip, durability, and protection to get the most out of your barefoot training. It's also a great sock for whenever you put your shoes back on. #TheDailyBJ #PedestalFootwear #BuildYourBase #GoRaw #Barefoot #BarefootTraining #Lunges #Lunging #WalkingLunges #Ad #BJGaddour #ThunderThighs #TheHamstringGuy

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