3 Reasons to Try Weightlifting Barefoot

more and more people are weightlifting without shoes

Learn why more and more people are weightlifting without shoes:  

Try it out for yourself and feel the difference. Weightlifting barefoot vs weightlifting with shoes on is a completely different experience. When you initiate a deadlift or squat with your feet directly connected to the ground, you feel the muscles being tensed and worked way more effectively compared to having shoes on. Read on to discover 5 reasons why more and more people are weightlifting without shoes:

1. Lifting barefoot allows for greater awareness of muscle targeting

The first benefit of ditching your shoes before hitting the gym to lift weights is that feeling of greater awareness and control of the specific muscle groups you are working. Also known as proprioception.

It’s the perception of movement within the body. When barefoot, you feel the ground, you can grip it with your toes asnature intended. You can really dig in and get that traction you need to push your workout to the limit.

2. Increased power & stability comes from the ground up

Weightlifting is (obviously) all about gravity. No matter what you’re lifting, it’s a fight between you and that downward force pulling the weights to the floor. The only physical connection between that floor and your body are your feet. So - the better position your feet are in to combat and handle that force, the more power you can generate and the more balanced & stable you become.

When you lift weights with athletic sneakers or weightlifting shoes, the energy that gets absorbed by that comfy sneaker is wasted. When the only place for that energy to go is through your feet and the rest of your body, that energy can be used and generated into more power & thrust.

3. More power leads to training with heavier weights

Weight lifting without shoes can take you to heights - or weights - that you’ve never seen before. Once you start to understand how to use that extra energy that used to be wasted in your heel cushion, you can translate it into greater endurance for a longer or stronger workout.

It’s important to realize that weightlifting without shoes is not necessarily easier. You do have to work harder at first. Think about it - using shoes is really the easy option! You’re used to all that comfort and cushion thanks to decades of high performance technology innovation in the athletic sneaker industry. It will take some adjustment.

So how do I lift weights barefoot properly?

Firstly, get yourself a pair of Pedestals. Actually being completely barefoot in the gym sounds like a great idea until you think about how gross it really could be for your bare feet.

Luckily for you, our high performance lifting & workout socks were made with your weightlifting session in mind. They come complete with our patent pending grip design to give you more traction, anti-bacterial silver treatment lining so they don’t turn into gross gym socks, and abrasion resistant fabric that will make them last. So ditch your shoes, grab a pair of pedestals, and improve your weightlifting experience today.