After a year of working remotely, dressing for the office feels like an imposition. Can’t we just swap out hard pants for sweats permanently? No?

But seriously, there’s one area where folks are making themselves at home: working barefoot in the office. Whether it’s just sliding off your shoes to work barefoot at your desk or using light coverings all day instead of hard shoes, there are many reasons to consider working in bare feet.

Is It Socially Acceptable To Go Barefoot At Work?

As with any office etiquette, err on the side of consideration to coworkers. Good hygiene is obviously a must when going shoe-free at work. And, it’s a good idea to keep your level of coverage at least similar to those around you. For instance, if the dominant vibe is fully barefoot, join in. If people tend to stay covered, look at options like slippers or barefoot shoes for work.

Barefoot shoes or socks keep your feet covered and protected without unnaturally altering your gait. This strengthens hips, knees, ankles, and feet, which lead to less pain and better health overall. Plus, discreet barefoot socks allow you to feel shoe-free while still being assured that your attire is socially acceptable for the office.


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Is Standing Barefoot Good For You?

Anyone who spends hours a day on their feet knows how much stress constant standing can cause. Extended standing, like at a standing desk, has a few health benefits. It reduces blood sugar spikes after you eat. It helps you burn more calories throughout the day. It is associated with reduced back pain, too. But, it’s not great for you. While overall back pain is reduced, lower back pain is common, along with increased leg pain. It can also make you feel fatigued.

Standing Barefoot At Your Desk

Switching from standing in shoes to standing barefoot at your desk could reduce some of the problems associated with standing for hours at the office. When you stand barefoot, nerve endings in your feet send your brain feedback; this feedback, in turn, causes you to shift to improve comfort and reduce fatigue. Adding a pair of good barefoot socks is even better. You reduce the risk of small injuries like stubbed toes. You also keep your feet warmer and cleaner.

No Shoes At Work! In Favor Of The Barefoot Office…

Office attire was already getting more casual before the pandemic sent us all remote for a year. Now that we’re back, it just makes more sense to do what is healthiest for yourself while at the office. If you find that being barefoot all day is more comfortable than shoes, consider picking up some barefoot socks.

Socks For A Barefoot Feel

Pedestals are durable and understated, so most people will never even notice they’re on your feet. They’re treated with anti-microbial silver, so there are no worries about odors. And, they can keep your feet warm even when the office thermostat goes too low. By going barefoot at work instead of forcing yourself to spend the day in shoes, you will likely find that you are less fatigued, experiencing fewer aches, and generally more comfortable all day. That sounds like a win.