The buzz about barefoot training has been hard to miss. Even people who wear shoes to compete will still often walk or run barefoot part of the time because of the benefits of this style. The best part is that you can get all the strength, flexibility, and gait perks without going totally bare. Barefoot socks capture all the pros of barefoot running without the risk. First, a quick word on why people are running and walking without shoes.

Why Are People Running Without Shoes?

When you walk or run barefoot, your feet have better contact with the ground. It changes your gait into one that is more natural. Most running shoes provide support and cushioning that actually work against you. You wind up with less strength in your ankles and feet, and over time this can make you more prone to injury. Barefoot running corrects that.

Socks For Running Without Shoes

While it’s clear that the padding and support in most shoes make them a detriment, there is still the question of protecting the soles of your feet. Outdoors, you are likely to run into splinters, road dirt, and just a lot of other things you don’t want on your feet. Indoors, you could be dealing with cold surfaces or a place where barefoot training isn’t welcome. That’s where socks for running without shoes or socks for walking without shoes come in.

Why Use Barefoot Running Socks?

Barefoot running socks provide foot protection without losing the benefit of shoeless running. Socks, especially super durable barefoot socks, can keep feet clean, act as a barrier between feet and rough surfaces, all while keeping feet sensitive and flexible.

Pedestal’s barefoot running socks are a great choice because they:

  • are minimalist running socks that won’t take up too much room in your bag.
  • have nonskid soles that make them great socks to wear outside.
  • are impregnated with a silver compound to kill germs, perfect for walking socks without shoes that are worn outdoors.

Ditch Your Shoes

When you ditch your regular running shoes in favor of shoeless running socks, you’ll start to notice a difference right away. Just starting slow with five minutes of barefoot exercise before your regular walk or run will start building your feet and ankles.

Pedestal’s barefoot sock shoes are a lightweight, durable, affordable option to keep your feet covered. Pick up a pair to see how much better you feel.