Who Is BJ Gaddour?

BJ Gaddour is a fitness influencer and the former Fitness Director for Men’s Health. He has since switched his focus to Sleeves Sold Separately, his family-owned apparel company based out of LA. BJ is a huge fan of working out in Pedestal’s, so we’ve collected some of the workouts he’s shared with us below.

BJ, What Made You Choose Pedestals?

I’m a huge believer in barefoot training for better joint positioning & muscle activation. And PEDESTAL FOOTWEAR has been my go-to source for barefoot training socks for years.

Every iteration keeps getting better and the latest molds are my favorite. I even did some sledding in them on the concrete streets in my neighborhood. They held up like a champ and I had one of the best foot and leg workouts of my life.

Thanks Mike & Brendan!