Toss out your old (probably free) hospital socks. Chances are they’re falling apart anyways! If you’ve ever had a cheap pair of those socks you get at the hospital with treads on the bottom, you probably feel our pain (literally).

What Are Hospital Socks?

Hospital socks are those free socks you get when you stay at the hospital overnight. That’s right, an extended stay at the emergency room will earn you a fresh pair of some stylin’ knee-highs with gripping action. They sound cool and they function well at first. But hospital socks are notoriously low quality. Nonetheless, they’re super functional and very useful for working out and just getting around the house!

Maybe you’re searching for hospital socks for yourself, or maybe as a gift for a loved one. No matter the reason, we hope you find this page, as those poorly-made hospital socks don’t really make the most thoughtful gift as they’ll fall apart after 2 or 3 runs through the wash.

Where To Buy Hospital Socks

A simple google search for “hospital socks for sale” will typically result in links to Amazon, Walmart, and other lesser known companies. Bombas makes a “gripper slipper” but it’s nowhere near as lightweight and breathable as a standard hospital sock. Plus they come in at $40.00 pre-tax.

That’s why we recommend trying Pedestals if you’re looking for a hospital sock replacement thats built to last. The addition of our silver lining kills odor and bacteria, making these socks great for all sorts of activities.

Meet Pedestal Footwear’s Line Of Next-Level Hospital Socks

offering several different styles, abrasion resistant fabric, moisture wicking material, anti-bacterial lining, and a patent pending hex-grip design.


Why Would Anyone Need Hospital Socks?

The hospital doesn’t give these socks out just because they are fun or cool. They give them out because they actually make a big difference! Traction is hugely important no matter your age or activity, and you want a pair of socks that are durable & built to last.