The Best Socks for Deadlifting & Powerlifting

Try a pair of Pedestals for your next deadlift session and notice the difference!

Deadlifts are a great way to improve your overall strength & power. Building from your core, this workout is a favorite among powerlifters and regular gym goers alike. A proper deadlift is all about stability. You want to keep the bar close to your body to maintain an equal center of gravity. 

Experience True Comfort, Stability, & Practicality

Swapping your shoes for a pair of high performance lifting socks like Pedestals comes with a list of benefits. Going barefoot means better balance & stability which means a more productive and safer workout.

Why choose socks over shoes for deadlifting?

Deadlifting barefoot is lifting in its truest form. However, sometimes the bar will rub up on your shins which can get uncomfortable - and sometimes even painful. That’s why a pair of long socks for deadlifts can come in handy. 

Pedestals really are the best powerlifting socks you can buy

We feel strongly about ditching your shoes and choosing a pair of high-performance Pedestal socks because unlike other cheap “lifting socks” on the market, Pedestals come with non-slip gripping action that allows you to get the most out of your next deadlift or powerlifting session. Check it out:


For gym goers of all kinds!

Our socks are for powerlifters, deadlifters, the occasional barbell trainer, and more...

Sure, we made these socks specifically to enhance your powerlifting session, but Pedestals are not just for deadlifts and intense power lifting trainers.

Our long style grippy sock is great for keeping the barbell from rubbing up on your shins, but it’s important to have gym socks with traction regardless of how much weight you can throw around.

Low-cut socks for those hot & humid days

And of course, you want some low-cut socks for those extra hot days too. Pedestals are available in ankle cut or long, tube sock styles. So, no matter which style you choose, you are sure to enhance your gym experience by showing up in a pair of Pedestals

Now that you know more about proper footwear for deadlifting, check out this 30-45 minute dips & deadlift workout routine!

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