The Best Socks For Weightlifting, Deadlifting & Powerlifting

What’s A Deadlift?

Deadlifts are a great way to improve your overall strength & power. Building from your core, this workout is a favorite among powerlifters and regular gym goers alike. A proper deadlift is all about stability. You want to keep the bar close to your body to maintain an equal center of gravity.

Try Your Next Deadlift Barefoot And Notice The Difference! Pedestal Minimal Collection Grip Sock in Orange - Great for All Weightlifting

Deadlifting barefoot changes the game. When you’re barefoot, you experience weightlifting in it’s truest form. Going barefoot means better balance & stability which means a more productive and safer workout. Want to go a step further? Consider swapping your gym or weightlifting shoes for a pair of high performance lifting socks like Pedestals. Doing so comes with a long list of benefits…

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Why Choose Dead Lifting Socks Over Shoes?

When you choose lifting socks over shoes, you’ll get a better workout by naturally engaging more muscles and tendons in your feet and throughout your legs. Also, it’s fairly common for the bar to rub up against your shins when deadlifting, which can get uncomfortable – and sometimes even painful.

That’s why a pair of long socks for deadlifts can come in handy. So – you should choose deadlift or powerlifting socks over shoes because it’s a better workout and you’ll save your shins from scrapes and irritation! – Mike & Brendan

3 Reasons To Try Weightlifting Without Shoes

Try it out for yourself and feel the difference. Weightlifting barefoot vs weightlifting with shoes on is a completely different experience. When you initiate a deadlift or squat with your feet directly connected to the ground, you feel the muscles being tensed and worked way more effectively compared to having shoes on. Read on to discover 3 reasons why more and more people are weightlifting without shoes:

1. Lifting Barefoot Allows For Greater Awareness Of Muscle Targeting

The first benefit of ditching your shoes before hitting the gym to lift weights is that feeling of greater awareness and control of the specific muscle groups you are working. Also known as proprioception.

It’s the perception of movement within the body. When barefoot, you feel the ground, you can grip it with your toes as nature intended. You can really dig in and get that traction you need to push your workout to the limit.

2. Increased Power & Stability Comes From The Ground Up

Weightlifting is (obviously) all about gravity. No matter what you’re lifting, it’s a fight between you and that downward force pulling the weights to the floor. The only physical connection between that floor and your body are your feet. So – the better position your feet are in to combat and handle that force, the more power you can generate and the more balanced & stable you become.

When you lift weights with athletic sneakers or weightlifting shoes, the energy that gets absorbed by that comfy sneaker is wasted. When the only place for that energy to go is through your feet and the rest of your body, that energy can be used and generated into more power & thrust.

3. More Power Leads To Training With Heavier Weights

Weightlifting without shoes can take you to heights – or weights – that you’ve never seen before. Once you start to understand how to use that extra energy that used to be wasted in your heel cushion, you can translate it into greater endurance for a longer or stronger workout.

It’s important to realize that weightlifting without shoes is not necessarily easier. You do have to work harder at first. Think about it – using shoes is really the easy option! You’re used to all that comfort and cushion thanks to decades of technology innovation in the athletic sneaker industry. It will take some adjustment.

Pedestals Really Are The Best Powerlifting Socks You Can Buy

We feel strongly about ditching your shoes and choosing a pair of high-performance Pedestal socks because unlike other cheap “lifting socks” on the market, Pedestals come with non-slip gripping action that allows you to get the most out of your next deadlift or powerlifting session. Check it out:

That’s why a pair of long socks for deadlifts can come in handy. So – you should choose deadlift or powerlifting socks over shoes because it’s a better workout and you’ll save your shins from scrapes and irritation! – Mike & Brendan

So How Do I Properly Lift Weights While Barefoot?

Firstly, get yourself a pair of Pedestals. Actually being completely barefoot in the gym sounds like a great idea until you think about how gross it really could be for your bare feet.

Luckily for you, our lifting & workout socks were made with your weightlifting session in mind. They come complete with our patent pending grip design to give you more traction, anti-bacterial silver treatment lining so they don’t turn into gross gym socks, and abrasion resistant fabric that will make them last. So ditch your shoes, grab a pair of pedestals, and improve your weightlifting experience today.

The Benefits Of Using Compression Socks

Another added benefit of choosing the Pedestal 4.0 is the compression offered by these socks. Wearing compression socks can be great for reducing achiness during your workout. They’ll also help to reduce swelling. But the best quality compression socks will offer a little something extra. That’s where Pedestals come in with their rigid durability, extra gripping action, and odor-free, moisture wicking material.

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Why Squat In Socks?

Deadlifts are by no means the only powerlifting essential suited to socks. Squat socks provide all the benefits of squatting barefoot, but with the added comfort and hygiene you demand. They deliver plenty of traction, so you can feel confident as you show off your best squats.

Shoes can also be abandoned while completing long sets of squats. Not only are your gym sneakers completely unnecessary, but they could also be actively preventing you from getting the results you deserve. Equipped with a strategically designed pair of squat socks, you’ll quickly find that each and every squat takes you closer to gaining the strength and physique you desire. Better form will also reduce the risk of injury.

If you are struggling to remain stable while squatting, barefoot or sock-based lifting could make all the difference. With this approach, your toes are better capable of spreading beyond the confines of your shoes. Enhanced stability, in turn, ensures that your toes properly grip the floor. The more stable you are, the better form you’ll achieve — and the lower you’ll get.

For Gym Goers Of All Kinds!

Our socks are for powerlifters, deadlifters, the occasional barbell trainer, and more…

Sure, we made these socks specifically to enhance your powerlifting session, but Pedestals are not just for deadlifts and intense power lifting trainers. Our long style grippy sock is great for keeping the barbell from rubbing up on your shins, but it’s important to have gym socks with traction regardless of how much weight you can throw around. That’s why more and more gym goers are trying weightlifting socks every day, and Pedestals make especially great Pilates grip socks.

Low-Cut Socks For Those Hot & Humid Days

We know, you won’t always need a pair of knee-high socks for the gym. You’ll more than likely want some low-cut socks for those extra hot days too. For those days, we recommend the Pedestal 5.0 or our newer Minimal Collection. Pedestals are available in ankle cut or long, tube sock styles. So, no matter which style you choose, you are sure to enhance your gym experience by showing up in a pair of Pedestals.

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