Order Custom Athletic Socks in Bulk (Wholesale)

Looking for wholesale custom socks? Here’s why you should consider Pedestal Footwear

Simply put - our athletic socks are the best available, and you can save money by purchasing in bulk.

Ordering customized socks wholesale from Pedestal Footwear is the best way to get high quality workout socks to give away to your gym members or at your upcoming event. The best part is, these high performance athletic grip socks will also improve your workout and that of your members or students/trainees.

Pedestals are made with abrasion resistant fabric that makes them ultra durable. They also come with a silver treatment lining that kills bacteria for up to 50 wash cycles, as well as a patent pending grip design for added traction.

Our socks are also proudly made in the USA. What’s not to love?

Our wholesale sock deals can help your gym or yoga studio’s brand appeal

Be proud of your merchandise. When you put your design or brand logo on our socks, the high end performance design shines through from our brand to yours.

But maybe you don’t own a gym or yoga studio. That’s fine, our socks are used for anything from walking around the house (slippery wooden stairs are REAL!) to deadlift & barefoot training.

Custom wholesale pedestals are great for crossfit competitions

Maybe your gym’s crossfit group is entering a competition and you want to display your brand name or logo on some calve-high or knee-high socks. These crossfit events and other similar weightlifting or athletic competitions are often highly trafficked and sometimes even televised, which turns those socks into extremely valuable marketing real estate.

Why not assist the performance of these athletes and market your gym at the same time? Ordering custom wholesale socks online from Pedestal Footwear is the way to accomplish just that.

Fully customizable without sacrificing performance or quality

Wholesale Pedestals are completely customizable. Since you can design your athletic socks from scratch, the possibilities are truly endless. You or your customers get to come up with your own design or logo and watch it come to life.

Whether you own a large gym with multiple locations or a small-sized yoga studio with a unique & stylish brand, ordering customized Pedestal socks in bulk can be a great promotional tool that your members or customers will appreciate with every single workout.

We’re unlike other wholesale athletic sock suppliers

High quality production meets high quality design. Unlike other wholesale athletic socks & bulk workout socks available on the market, we don’t change our materials or manufacturing process when producing in bulk.

We don’t screenprint or sublimate either, so your logo or design won't come out in the wash. You can expect the same high quality abrasion resistant material, patent pending grip design, and bacteria repelling lining no matter how many socks you buy from us.

Low minimum order quantities

With orders as low as 50, you can order branded socks for yoga classes that you teach, or you can order enough custom socks to give one to each member of your small sized gym. Own several gyms with thousands of members? We can handle large orders too!

How to order your personalized socks in bulk:

  1. Fill out our form below or head to our wholesale contact page.
  2. Enter your first and last name & preferred email address for order confirmation and tracking information.
  3. Write a brief message including:
  • which type of sock (check out our shop page)
  • order quantity
  • additional details
  • Upload your design or logo
  • Click submit!