You Should Try Jumping Rope Barefoot!

You Should Try Jumping Rope Barefoot!

Can you jump rope barefoot?

Of course! Skipping shoes and choosing to jump rope barefoot will force your feet and ankles to work harder and will heighten your proprioceptive feedback (spatial awareness).

Barefoot jumping will strengthen your Peroneal muscles which help keep the ankle stable when standing or rising onto the toes. For the purpose of building strong feet and ankles, jumping rope barefoot is the cream of the crop.

Skipping rope isn't just for kids!

Nothing brings me back to my elementary years like jumping rope and hula hooping. Safe to say, as I got older I scrapped the jump rope for other forms of exercise...until recently.

A recent study showed that just 10 minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging. Unlike running or jogging where many people create issues with heel strike, the impact from jumping rope goes directly through the balls of the feet making it more optimal.

You can alter your jumping intensity to as high or low as you want. This gives you a ton of flexibility for incorporating jump rope into your existing workout routine.

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There are many ways to incorporate jumping rope into your existing exercise routine. From active recovery (between sets) to a full on cardio session at the end of your workout, you can't go wrong. Below is one of my favorites to do when I am traveling or on the go.

1. Set the clock for 10 minutes.

2. Every minute on the minute (EMOM) aim for 60 reps.

3. Rest the remainder of the minute.

4. Repeat until the time is up.

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