Reset Your Hips Instantly - No Equipment Needed!

Reset Your Hips Instantly - No Equipment Needed!
We are all creatures of habit and while it may seem like we have a daily routine, there are subtle nuances to each day. This is why your body doesn't feel the same each and every day. How your body feels is likely a result of how you moved or sat throughout the day, what type of shoes you wore, or what kind of foods you ate. Another factor we don't take into account is the weight of gravity on our body as we move through life.

Most, if not all, postural imbalances start at your feet and work their way up the kinetic chain to your knees, hips, back, and neck. That being said, many people don't feel or have knowledge of these imbalances until it get to your hips and lower back. In fact, a majority of back pain stems from the hips being tight or out of line. If you are experiencing lower back pain, we would suggest checking out these three simple strategies to prevent it.

Uneven hips or also referred to as a lateral pelvic tilt is when one hip is higher than the other. This can cause one leg to appear longer than the other or uneven shoulder blades. Below are a few exercises to try if you want to instantly reset your hips and align your body. Three of them are isometric exercises and one if a passive hip stretch. You may even feel a nice adjustment when you try them!


1. Hip Flexion & Extension Drill With Rod - 5 Sets of 5 Second Holds

2. Hip Adduction Squeeze - 5 Sets of 5 Second Holds

3. Bear Hug Abduction - 5 Sets of 5 Second Holds

4. Passive Hip Flexor Stretch - 15 Minutes Per Side

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