Reset Your Hips And Align Your Body With This Exercise 

Reset Your Hips And Align Your Body With This Exercise 
The Core:

Let's face it, most of us rush through our mobility drills as a means to get to our workout. Switch things up and try this exercise for 30 minutes on your next off day: the passive hip flexor stretch.


Every time we take as step, one hip flexor is bent while the other is extended. A good example of this is the skipping picture below.

Over a period of time as you continue to walk/run things will get wonky and thrown out of alignment in there.

While other hip flexor stretches like the half kneeling hip flexor stretch are done actively (moving one muscle group to stretch another), this passive exercise requires time, alignment, and patience to restore proper length.

As the hip flexor on the straight leg begins to release, the pelvis, t-spine, and neck will follow.


Grab a chair and a heavy enough object to keep your foot in a neutral position. Put one foot up on the chair and the other straight out. Rest the straight leg against the object and relax.

Aim for 15 minutes per side and focus on quality belly breaths throughout.

Video below:

Add this exercise into your routine once a week as a great way to reset and calm your whole body.



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