8 Kettlebell RFESS Variations | Strong Legs

8 Kettlebell RFESS Variations | Strong Legs

The Core:

Most people think that loading a barbell on their back and squatting is the best way to train your legs, however the rear foot elevated split squat (RFESS) takes the crown.


When it comes to squatting with a barbell on your back, there are many obstacles and things to learn as you progress. From your foot position and ankle mobility to placement of your hands and grip, things can get a bit tricky. Also, some body types just have a harder time with back squatting than others.

RFESS's are great for everyone no matter their body type and are much friendlier for your spine. You can also train RFESS from virtually anywhere as they don't require a squat rack or barbell. Lastly, with just a kettlebell you can load it and progress the exercise in a multitude of ways.

Eight RFESS Variations From Easiest To Hardest:

Below are 8 variations for you to try to spice up your training and challenge your leg stability and strength.


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