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    Our Workouts

    Upper Body Single Arm Work

    Upper Body Single Arm Work

    Here is a quick upper body single arm workout from this morning:

    A1) Incline Single Arm DB Press - 3 x 8 Each

    A2) Lunge Hold Cable Row - 3 x 10 Each

    B1) Slideboard Bodysaw Push-Up - 3 x 5 Each (video below)

    B2) Bent Over Single Arm KB Row - 3 x 5 Each (video below)

    C) Half Kneeling Push-Pull Cable Row - 3 x 12 Each

    Less Is More

    The extent of my workout equipment is a pull-up rig, two 40lb KB's, some bands, and my bodyweight. That said, I often look to Primal Swoldier for workout inspiration as he almost exclusively works with the same training tools. 



    The workout went as follows:

    10 Rounds

    Rounds 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 - 10 Burpees to 10 Single Leg Deadlift to Lunge (video above)

    Rounds 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 - 10 Burpees to 10 Gorilla Rows to 10 KB High Pulls

    I was a sweaty mess in a matter of minutes and it was awesome. If you're strapped for time, lacking equipment, and want to get a killer workout in, try the above and let us know how it goes.

    Thank you for reading and enjoy!

    Much Love,


    #DitchYourShoes #BuildYourBase 

    Full Body KB Crush & Trail Drive

    Full Body KB Crush & Trail Drive

    This week I traveled to California to visit my brother and his two kids. In typical brotherly bonding, we crushed a few workouts and hammered some good eats. 

    On one of the days, we were pressed for time (20 mins) so we crushed this quick Kettlebell circuit (below) from Kevin Carr of Movement as Medicine. We managed to complete 5 rounds.

    10 Squats

    10 Swings

    10 Rows each

    10 Swings

    20 Pushups

    10 Swings




     After the gym, we went out in his truck to the desert and cruised around some trails in the Joshua Tree National Park. 


    If you have never been to Joshua Tree, I would highly recommend it. There are some real crazy rock formations. Having not spent time in the desert, I really love how quiet and calming it is.  



    Lake Time & the "Brutal Bodyweight Fat-Burner" w/ BJ Gaddour

    I cruised up to NH this weekend for some lake time and it was awesome. Pictured above is my man Mike crushing some wakeboarding in his 3.0's!

    Whenever I'm on the road I always check out BJ Gaddour's IG for workout inspiration. The "Brutal Bodyweight Fat-Burner" is what I landed on and it was killer, video below: 



    Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

    Thank you for reading!

    Much Love,


    #DitchYourShoes #BuildYourBase 

    Deadlifts and Tri Sets

    Deadlifts and Tri Sets

    A) Deadlift - Work up to 5 x 5 at 70%

    Tri Set (video below)

    B1) High Box TRX Step Up's - 3 x 8 Each 

    B2) Valslide Reverse Lunge -3 x 8 Each

    B3) Bent Over Barbell Row - 3 x 12

     Tri Set (video below)

    C1) KB Press - 3 X 8

    C2) Kneeling Band Pulldowns - 3 x 12

    C3) Valslide Bodysaw Push-up - 3 x 5 Each


    D) TRX Y's - 3 x 15