Burpees & Gorilla Rows w/ Kettlebells

Ripped out a quick one this morning to kick-off the day and it was glorious!

If you want to get in a quick full body workout in a limited amount of time, you can rely on the magic of burpees and gorilla rows. When done together, these exercises will leave you feeling fabulous and ready to take on the rest of the day. Once you get a taste of how great you feel, you’ll want to kick off everyday with this one-two punch of gloriousness.

Watch BJ Gaddour (@bjgaddour) crush this exercise and then read on to learn how it's done:


????Brighter minds than me like @drjohnrusin recommend doing 2-3x as much rowing (horizontal pulling) as pullups/pulldowns (vertical pulling) for shoulder health and performance.

Here are 10 of my favorite ways to get that ✅done. I like sets of 8-15 reps for most rows, but of course will go lower and higher rep on occasion. Use all the tools and all the angles to get all dem GAINZZZZZZZZ! I've got a feeling my buddy @JayFerruggia might like this post...

1. Kettlebell Gorilla Rows 2. Chest-Supported Rows 3. @Purmotion_Official AirFit Rotational Rows 4. Parallel Bar EQualizer Rows 5. Free-Band Bent-Over Rows 6. Cross-Over Band/Cable Rows 7. @UltimateSandbag 2:1 Rows to Curl 8. 1-Arm Landmine Rows 9. Hammer-Grip Multi-Grip/Swiss Bar Rows 10. Dual Landmine/Renegade Rows

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Went from Gorilla Rows to Burpees.

I mixed up the Gorilla Rows with rep ranges and iso holds. For the Burpees, I sprawled (helps with Jiu Jitsu training) and increased my power output for the jump as a way to make it harder.

Below is a breakdown of how it went:

  • Rounds 1-3 - Alternating Gorilla Rows 10 per side & 10 Burpees

  • Rounds 4-6 - Iso Gorilla Row Holds for 20-30 seconds per side & 10 Burpees

  • Rounds 7-10 - Double Arm Gorilla Rows 10 reps & 10 Burpees

The goal was to finish as quickly as possible. As a result I was huffing and puffing and very svveeaattyy.

Grab the Right Gear

To conveniently get your gorilla rows in each day, get a set of kettlebells in the right weight range for your physique. If you’re just starting out, try 10-to-15-pound kettlebells, and then go up from there. If you already use dumbbells, aim for a gorilla row kettlebell that’s about five pounds lighter than your normal weights.

For burpees, you just need your bodyweight and a fantastic pair of lifting socks, like our High-Performance Grip Socks. The socks should have solid grip and durability for days. Now that you have your gear, get to it.

Here’s how to do gorilla rows and burpees:

Gorilla Rows

  1. Stand feet lined up with shoulders and put your kettlebells between them

  2. Lean down, grab a kettlebell in each hand

  3. Keep your back straight and knees out

  4. Lift the kettlebell in your right hand toward your hips to knee level

  5. Put it back down

  6. Repeat with the kettlebell in your left hand


  1. Get into a squat position with a straight back, bent knees, and feet aligned with your shoulders

  2. Bend to put your hands on the floor and kick back into the perfect pushup position

  3. Keep a straight back and do one single pushup with vigor – No butts in the air

  4. With your hands on the ground, jump your feet forward to get in a frog position

  5. Stand up quickly and hop in the air while reaching for the sky

  6. Bend into the squat position and repeat

*Practice these movements in front of a mirror to make sure you always keep your back straight and head in a neutral position.

Build Out Your Ideal Routine

Once you can do these exercises with the right form, you can create your burpee and gorilla row exercise routine. Ideally, you’ll want to do 10 rounds as quickly as you can to get your heartrate in the target range and feel the workout in all your muscles. Start with five to ten reps of each exercise every round and go up from there. You can also integrate iso work into your routine to really put the heat on your workout.

Give it a whirl and let me know what you think!

Much Love,


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