Granite State Fitness Visit

Granite State Fitness Visit

Here is my workout from my visit at Granite State Fitness in Manchester, NH.

Warm up activation exercises followed by 3 rounds of 30 pulls on ERG for calories. 

We went through 4 stations with two exercises at each station done in EMOM style. 1:30 rest between stations. 

A1- 8 Bulgarian Snatch (4 each)

A2- 16 Staggered Stance Med Ball Slams ( 8 each)

B1 - 60 Foot Sled Push

B2 - 16 Burpees to 2" target

C1 - Depth Drop to Lateral Wall Ball Slams (4 each)

C2 - 16 Staggered Stance Wall Ball Tosses

D1- 8 Chest to Ring Pull-ups

D2 - 16 calorie Bike Sprint 

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