Pre-Pats Crush Session @ BSC Dorchester



Got a solid one in at my new gym digs BSC Dorchester. I've been referencing the coaching of my longtime friend Jason Brown (video above). If you are looking to improve your overall strength and conditioning programming, Jason is your dude. 

Below is what I worked through pre-Pats game yesterday:

A. KB Warm-Up 10 Reps of each X 3 Rounds

-KB Squat or Single Leg Variation

-KB Swing Variation

-KB Core Work

B1. Heavy Single DB Reverse Lunges for 5 Reps to Single Leg RDL (Jason demos a really cool assisted SLRDL movement above) for 5 Reps X 5 Rounds 

B2. Trap Bar DL with slow eccentric 5 Reps X 5 Rounds

C1. Lat Pulldowns 15 Reps X 5 Rounds

C2. Tricep Pressdowns 12 Reps X 5 Rounds

D1. Zottman & Hammer Curls 8-10 Reps X 3 Rounds

D2. Neutral Grip DB Presses 12 Reps X 3 Rounds

Thank you for crushing!

Much Love,


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