I let myself get fat so I joined Achieve Fitness Boston

I let myself get fat every few years and it is something that I need to stop.

Lauren & Jason Pak from Achieve Fitness Boston have created an awesome training environment so I decided to make a change with their help.

The first two workouts did not disappoint. In fact, I almost lost my marbles during the Day 2 Finisher. Check them out below and let us know what you think!

Most rep schemes are between 8-15 reps and any type of isometric hold or plank is between 10 and 30 seconds.



Workout 1

Proper Warm-Up (make sure you work on your weaknesses)

A1 Med Ball Tall Kneeling Chest Throw


B1 Goblet Squat

B2 TRX Inverted Row w/ Mini Band @ Wrists

B3 SB Deadbug


C1 Staggered Stance Double DB RDL

C2 Push Ups

C3 SB Front Plank

C4 Standing Double DB Hammer Curl Drop Set w/ Fat Grips



Rope Slams & Rope Sled Pull to Sprint Back X 3 Rounds


Workout 2

Proper Warm-Up (make sure you work on your weaknesses)

 A1 TGU to Elbow w/ Sandbag


B1 Trap Bar Deadlift

B2 DB Floor Press

B3 1/2 Kneeling Cable Anti-Rotation Press ISO


C1 Double DB Split Squat

C2 DB Bench Supported Row

C3 Feet Elevated Side Plank

C4 Crossover Face Pull + ISO



AirDyne Sprint (10 seconds) & Walking Lunges X 5 Rounds


Thank you for reading and #DitchYourShoes

Much Love,


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